Sneak Peek #2 for Private Practice

Ready for sneak peek #2 from my very first novel, Private Practice? This funny, sexy story is coming to an e-reader near you next week from Entangled's white-hot Brazen line. We’re kicking off your Friday right with another glimpse of the drool-worthy cover and another wicked little excerpt from Private Practice.

Tune in here, or at the lovely, talented WORTH THE RISK and YOURS AT MIDNIGHT author Robin Bielman's blog, or at tomorrow for the last piece of the cover and one final teaser.

And now...cue the orchestra...the second puzzle piece and teaser from Private Practice!



“This isn’t chapter 3,” she protested as he brushed his lips over her thigh.

“Sure it is.” Lightly, he bit the other, and then followed up with a kiss.

Then he kissed in between. Her neck muscles dissolved and her head hit the door with a clunk.

His tongue traced the edge of her panties and delved beneath. She switched her grip from his shoulder to the top of his head, not sure if she meant to stop him or give him encouragement. He took it as encouragement, and sent his incredibly talented tongue on another pass.

“Tyler…” Was that whimper really her? “Y-you’ve got things backward.”

Through half-closed eyes she saw him smile. His grip on her backside tightened. “Backward, my ass. Sparky, prepare yourself for a lesson you’ll never forget.”


See you tomorrow!